Loaf's Life Accomplishments 10/18/16

Hey guys! Been awhile since i posted anything here, so here we go! (remember, none of these changes will be shown until the next maintenance!)

Revised Descriptions:

Zosimos Card
Poring Wizard Card
Poring Blacksmith Card

Edited Descriptions:

Champion Card
Iron Greaves
Iron Breast
Iron Shoulder Arms
Iron Shield
Iron Mask
Steel Greaves
Steel Shoulder Arms
Steel Breast
Steel Mark
Steel Shield
Elunium Greaves
Elunium Breast
Elunium Shoulder Arms
Elunium Shield
Elunium Mask
Hardened Steel Greaves
Hardened Steel Shoulder Arms
Hardened Steel Shield
Hardened Steel Breast
Hardened Steel Mask
Iron Gatling Gun
Steel Revolver
Oridecon Rifle
Hardened Steel Shotgun
Iron Katar
Steel Katar
Oridecon Katar
Hardened Steel Katar
Iron Bullet
Steel Bullet
Oridecon Bullet
Hardened Steel Bullet
(Working on the rest of Artistry and Crafting)

Fixed wrong placement of Prefix/Suffix for:

Stainer Card
Dark Illusion Card
Dryad Card
Giant Hornet Card
Leaf Cat Card
Leib Olmai Card
Incubus Card
Rideword Card


Edited Asteria Ring to note that the AoE doesn't work unless Heal is naturally known. (was on the Wiki but not in game)

Added Some custom headgear quests on the front page of the RRO Wikipedia.

Example of Artistry Changes.