Loaf's life accomplishments 9/6/16

More updates for you guys!

Just an FYI, edited descriptions are descriptions that were missing some type of information that was added to the item. Revised descriptions were descriptions that were not uniform, or needed some revamping but had all of the correct information. (Again, if you've read ANY of my other blogs, you know the descriptions will not show until the next patch.)

Edited Descriptions

Jessica's Bell
Hypatia's Robe
Fable's Silk
Drooping Amistr
Skoll Baby Card
Metaling Hat
Ghostring Hat
Kraken's Tooth Necklace
Kraken's Tentacle Ring
Gold Fish
Gold Fish (Yellow)
Gold Fish (Blue)
Gold Fish (White)
Gold Fish (Purple)
Gold Fish (Green)
Goblin Bow

Revised Descriptions

Fox Hood
Holy Helmet
Priest Doll
Pikachu Hood
Noah's Hat
Lord of Death Mask
Rabbit Ears
Baseball Cap
Protection Helm
Evil Angel Helm
Flying Angel
Neko Mimi
Drooping Metal Dragon
Magic Eyes
Drooping Bulbasaur
Drooping Pikachu
Drooping Aliza
Wandering Minstrel Hat
Strongman Hair
Drooping Dorasuke
Kojin's Flame
Bunny Afro
Feather Ribbon
Raccoon Hat
Marin Party Hat
Lunatic's Lullaby
Phoenix Helmet
Chequered Conductors Cap
Drooping Falcon
Red Beret
Jolly Roger Beanie
Drooping Randgris
Big Bad Pirate
Aegir Helm
Bird Nest
Haruhi's Ribbon