Loaf's life accomplishments 9/16/16

Hello once again! Here's your updated thingamajigs.
Again, Edited descriptions are descriptions that were missing some type of information that was added to the item. Revised descriptions were descriptions that were not uniform, or needed some revamping but had all of the correct information.

Edited Descriptions

Wyvern Wings
Metallic Wings
Flame Wings
Star Wings

Revised descriptions

Angel Mini Silk Hat
Poring Party
Fairy Wing
Seppl Hat
Small Clown
Gravekeeper Blinker
10 Type Glasses
Blue Ears
Guardian Porings
Blue Butterfly Wings
Yellow Butterfly Wings
Black Butterfly Wings
Black Fairy Wings
Green Fairy Wings
Bee Wings
Strongman Hair - Red
Ordinary Black Mage Hat
Stylish Mage Cap
Owlduke Silk Hat
Galeam Salutis
Great Demon's Robe
Great Demon's Shroud
Great Demon's Pauldron
Great Demon's Shackles
Safe Refine Ticket 5
Safe Refine Ticket 6
Safe Refine Ticket 7
Safe Refine Ticket 8
Safe Refine Ticket 9
Safe Refine Ticket 10
Poring Bow
Poring Sword
Poring Book
Poring Staff
Poring Hammer
Poring Katar
Priestly Nurse's Cap
Magic Wizard's Eyes
Apple of Hunter
Knight's Helm
Blacksmith's Welding Mask
Assassin's Oxygen Mask


Changed item icon for Hardened Axe so this item cannot be mistaken for a normal smithing axe. (to prevent scams)