Loaf's Life Accomplishments 11/30/16

Hey guys!
Working on more descriptions as always. Here's the updated list! (Again, wont be updated until next maintenance!)

Edited Descriptions: (These items now show set bonuses and actual formulae)

Iron Greaves
Iron Breast
Iron Shoulder Arms
Iron Shield
Iron Mask
Steel Greaves
Steel Breast
Steel Shoulder Arms
Steel Shield
Steel Mask
Elunium Greaves
Elunium Breast
Elunium Shoulder Arms
Elunium Shield
Elunium Mask
Hardened Steel Greaves
Hardened Steel Breast
Hardened Steel Shoulder Arms
Hardened Steel Shield
Hardened Steel Mask
Iron Gatling Gun
Steel Revolver
Oridecon Rifle
Hardened Steel Shotgun
Iron Katar
Steel Katar
Oridecon Katar
Hardened Steel Katar
Iron Bullet
Steel Bullet
Oridecon Bullet
Hardened Steel Bullet
Flax Shoes
Flax Vest
Flax Hood
Flax Hat
Tweed Shoes

Will be working on finishing up the remaining crafting descriptions for you guys!