Loaf's life accomplishments 9/13/16

Hello there once again!

Been a couple of days, but wanted to share what has been done on my end for today~!

Edited descriptions

Old Red Box
Old Green Box
Dragon Sword (2015)
Dragon Helm (2015)
Electric Red Aura (2015)
Ice Wing Ears

Revised Descriptions

Avian Wings (white)
Avian Wings (Black)
Shaman Feathers
Kitty Bell
Gloom Under Night Card
Ktullanux Card
Blue-Heart Balloon
Green-Heart Balloon
Pink-Heart Balloon
Yellow-Heart Balloon
My Melody Balloon
Mr. Froggy Balloon
Mrs. Froggy Balloon
Archangeling Balloon
Deviling Balloon
Deviruchi Balloon
Drops Balloon
Ghostring Balloon
Marin Balloon
Nekoring Balloon
Cowring Balloon
Poporing Balloon
Poring Balloon
Pouring Balloon
Rainbowring Balloon
Rainling Balloon
Santa Poring Balloon
Sapling Balloon
Cozy Scarf
Pikachu Tail
White Dragon Scarf
Black Dragon Scarf
Purple Dragon Scarf
Blue Dragon Scarf
Crumbling Cookie
Gothic Choker
Gangster Scarf
Ice Crown
Elegant Wings

Misc Things

-Created descriptions for two new items! (No telling~!)