Loaf's Life Accomplishments 10/18/16

Hey guys! Been awhile since i posted anything here, so here we go! (remember, none of these changes will be shown until the next maintenance!) Revised »

Loaf Loaf

Loaf's Life Accomplishments 9/28/16

Hello guys~! Couple of updates done! Description Updates -Updated issue with Mermaid bubble costume saying it was an upper headgear slot, when it was a middle »

Loaf Loaf

Hercules Hell: The Great Merge

After nearly a year of no merges of Hercules, the server software we use to run RebirthRO, this month that was the main focus. With me »

Loaf's life accomplishments 9/16/16

Hello once again! Here's your updated thingamajigs. Again, Edited descriptions are descriptions that were missing some type of information that was added to the item. Revised »

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