Loaf's life accomplishments 9/6/16

More updates for you guys! Just an FYI, edited descriptions are descriptions that were missing some type of information that was added to the item. Revised »

Loaf Loaf

Loaf's life accomplishments 9/5/16

Hey guys! More updates for you! (Keep in mind, item descriptions will only show after the patch is released!) Edited the following item descriptions: -Silver Fairy »

Loaf Loaf

Loaf's life accomplishments 9/2/16

Hello readers! I've noticed that we seem to have quite a few items that have incorrect or no descriptions throughout the game. I have been working »

Loaf Loaf

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Welcome to the RebirthRO Dev Blog! This site was created to give more powerful options to the staff here at RebirthRO to show you new stuff »