The Logic Behind Donating


First off, let me start by saying this isn't going to be me telling you why donating helps the server. You should already know that the more money we get the more we can spend on new features and content. The goal of this blog post isn't to convince you that you should spend your hard earned money on RebirthRO just because it helps out the server. So, what is this about? Well, most people playing RebirthRO fall into one of 2 main groups. Those who have donated, and those who farm to get donates. Occasionally I will see people say that they'd never donate, that they'd "never waste [their] money on a game that [they] can play for free."

On the surface that might seem perfectly logical, but in reality it often isn't. In fact, because of a new opportunity available to players, even those without a job can, in fact, find better ways than straight farming for Zeny or items. That's not to say that farming serves no purpose. Farming for an actual item, like an MVP card, may be worth it when the items value is quite high. On the other hand, spending hours farming for things to sell to an NPC to be able to afford a single 100 Point Coin probably isn't, especially if you don't have an Angra. It might be better for you to keep on doing what you do now, or maybe there's another, better, way? Lets find out.

Economic Basics

First, you have to understand some basic economics. If your only goal is to conserve money, then you have to realize that money can be far more than just the amount in your bank account. Your time is money too, if it could be spent doing other things. This is what's known as an opportunity cost. If your time could be spent doing several things, then when you chose one over the other it could result in an opportunity cost.

If your job has fixed hours and you can't take additional work, then your time spent outside your job has significantly less value attached to it. On the other hand, if you turn down paid work in order to play more so you can advance in game, it can make far less sense if you could have gone to work then used that money to buy what you wanted in the game for far less time/effort. Not only that, but there are other ways to get points other than farming even if you don't have a job.

Got a job? Lets do the math!

Lets put this into an example to make it easier to understand. We have players from all over the world, some of our players have jobs that pay well over $20/hour, while some may not even see $5/hour. So lets look at it from the game stand point. Look at how many point coins you can earn in 1 hour. Now take how much money you make in 1 hour at your job and convert it to Euro. If the amount of money you can make at your job is greater than farming in game, it'd be better for you to work more and donate the money. Straight up, if you can earn more at work then it's better for you to do that than to spend the time farming in game.

Think about it, if you have a job that pays you $10/hour, why would you pay yourself 1 euro an hour to work in game? If you have fun farming, then that might be worth it. But if you are one of those that finds it boring, well, why don't you just donate, buy the items you want, then go do the things in the game you actually enjoy doing?

This isn't just me as a staff member saying "Hey, give us money!" I legitimately do this in the other games I play. It doesn't make sense to pay myself $5-10 an hour in a game doing something that isn't fun when I can make $20-30+ an hour working. I buy stuff in the games I play, and only do the things that are fun in them.

No job? No problem.

So what if it doesn't end up that way? What if farming in game isn't as efficient for you? or maybe you don't have a job? What then? Well, there's still one other option available to you. SwagBucks allows you to earn gift cards which can then be used to purchase points in the game. Many times you can do this far more efficiently than you can farm in game, especially if you are new to the server and don't have a full set of gear yet. This can easily help you afford an Angra which would let you farm more effectively in game.

I've personally used SwagBucks to get some money for doing stuff I would have done anyway. And while I'd like you to use your SwagBucks on RebirthRO, you could also use them on anything you want, it doesn't have to be RebirthRO.


RebirthRO is wonderful in that it's one of the few servers that allow you to farm Zeny and then trade that for points with other players. But while it's fairly unique there, don't let that distract you from the fact that it may be more profitable for you to use other means to obtain points, be that donating or with SwagBucks.

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