War of Emperium Tournament?

I've been throwing around the idea of a WoE tournament for a while now. Since WoE and guilds are such a big part of RRO I think it'd be fun to do. This is still in the planning stages so I welcome your feedback. I'll edit this as things change, but once the tournament is announced on the forums the rules will be final.

Tournament Registration

Each guild may only enter one team. A team consists of at most 10 people and 3 backups. You can organize this team however you want, but once you've picked your classes they are fixed and cannot be changed, so choose wisely. The backups are in case you have people that drop out because of personal or connection issues. They should be able to play any class between them as when they are replacing someone they MUST play the same class as the person they are replacing.

There is a registration fee of 1,000,000,000 Zeny for your team. That's the total cost, it's not per person. This fee is paid at the time of registration, it is non-refundable. Alt guilds cannot enter.

Registration will be open for 1 week. Your guild must be holding a castle with 20 or more economy after WoE has ended in order to register. You may register your guild at any time WoE is not on. Team select takes place when registration closes. Team selection will be stored in the database and no GM's will have access to this information until after all teams have been registered. This is so you can plan this in secret.

Tournament Rules

This will be a double elimination tournament. If an odd number of people register a random guild will advance without having to fight the first round. Starting bracket will be decided by random.org.

Each stage will be based on 3 rounds, winning 2 out of 3 takes the stage. Each round is unique. All will take place in a fake WoE castle. This will be a clone of a WoE FE castle.

First Round

The winner will be the team that has the longest consecutive hold time inside of a 30 minute window.

Second Round

The team on top in the bracket will be the defending guild. They must hold the castle from the other team. After that, they will switch. The winning team is the one that holds the other team back the longest.

Third Round

The team on top in the bracket will be the offending guild. They must break the castle as fast as possible. The team with the fastest time to break wins the round.


Prizes are awarded to everyone on the team, including the backups (even if they were not used).

First prize is a hat of choice. This can be any hat in the game that was available at one point, regardless of how it was obtained (i.e. Diamond Dust is fair game). The only exception is the loyalty hats (since that will bug that script) and the WoE castle hats (since that will bug that script), as well as any other hats which may break when taken out of their intended context (RDC is another one). You can also opt for the costume version of any hat that was previously released (only if the costume already exists). Each team member also receives 300PP.

Second prize is any costume hat of choice and 200PP.

Third prize is any costume hat of choice.

Participation prize is 3 hat roulette tokens. You only get this if you are NOT in the top 3.


I'll be streaming on Twitch or YouTube (undecided right now) with a 2-5 minute delay (so the teams can't watch it for intel) for people to watch. I'll also put the streams on YouTube so those that miss them can watch them if they want to.