Welcome to the Dev Blog!

Welcome to the RebirthRO Dev Blog! This site was created to give more powerful options to the staff here at RebirthRO to show you new stuff we are working on, discuss upcoming plans, or to show you whatever we feel like we should show you! Hopefully this will help us be more transparent in our activities and help get more feedback from players like you!

What's A Dev Blog?

Dev blogs are different than announcements in that they don't just outline new or upcoming features; they also get a bit more into the technical side of things. Showing the work that goes into the things we create. They also might outline statistics or other data. Things like player trends, which classes are the most popular, how many players are active, etc.

Are Dev Blogs Only Made By Admins?

While most technical dev blogs will be made by admins, any staff member can create a dev blog if they want to. They might show the daily life of a GM, or provide interesting stories about their encounters while GMing.

Can You Get [staff member here] To Make A Dev Blog?

You'll have to ask them yourself!

What's the Dev Blog running?

We are using Ghost to run the backend of the Dev Blog. I did consider writing something custom just for us, but I decided to use some "off the shelf" software instead to save the time for more interesting features.